that the destination becomes unimportant

FOR those who enjoy the journey so much

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I think the  best weddings are similar to a great cocktail. Allow me to explain why!

Here is the dictionary definition of a cocktail:
- 2 full bodied spirits (usually whiskey)
- a sweetener (usually sugar)
- external force to combine the spirits (usually a mixing glass)

VoilĂ , something new appears!
A drink which is SO much more than the sum of its individual ingredients, and irreversibly joined together. This creation is then enjoyed for years, becoming more refined with age, and bringing joy to all who experience it. 

Though no two couples share the same love story, I am lucky enough to serve clients that have a few key ingredients in common:

- 2 incredibly vibrant, compassionate individuals with generous, loving spirits
- that spark of love which embeds each and every action with care and infinite sweetness.
- a relationship built on persistence and patience, one that has not only survived all life has thrown at it, but has thrived, growing stronger by the day under those external forces.

So if you agree that marriage should be the perfect mixture of two separate spirits, a dash of sweetness, and a long-lasting joy that is refined with age, feel free to browse the menu to see which of my services you are in the mood for.
Ready to order? Step on up the bar and let me know!
Still not convinced? Read what some of my past clients have said about me!

If our lives are but a spark, flickering briefly into existence before fading to darkness again, why not use that spark to ignite our passions and light the world aflame with love?

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Catherine - July 2020

 His talent goes beyond words! Clayton made me feel happy, beautiful, and timeless. Like I was a star!

Moments never fade if remembered often and fondly.

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Snippets of memories made and kept, loves lost and found, and all the beautiful moments in between.

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I serve people who crave the raw, stunning, beautiful mess that is the human experience. 


Credit: Jason Langley


Life is passing before our eyes without our ever having seen a thing. 

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