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Arianna and Chris’s Engagement Party

Wow, I cannot believe that October is JUST around the corner! Is it me or did 2019 disappear faster than a glass of my favorite local bourbon, Widow Jane?

As the leaves turn and I begin to pull my peacoat from the closet, I am reminded of Arianna and Chris’s beautiful, cozy, and festive fall engagement party last October.

Getting to capture Ari and Chris’s engagement was a memorable night for so many reasons, but let me name just a few!

  • Beautiful Falling In Love theme? Check.
  • A perfect house to host the party? Check!
  • Amazing weather and fall foliage for days? Absolutely!

For me, the most incredible part about being a photographer is not the travel, or the money, or the flashy things people often assume about creatives— it’s being able to document the lives of my clients and friends.

The parties fade, the decorations get taken down, and day-to-day life resumes. The beautiful photos captured and the prints and albums created from our time together, though? They each contain a lifetime’s worth of smiles, memories, and laughs.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from a beautiful evening with Ari and Chris!


I consider myself lucky to have been able to capture the beautiful love Ari and Chris shared for each other, for their closest friends and family, and for one of my favorite seasons.

If you are a fun-loving, wanderlust-filled, passionate and kind person or couple, connect with me, schedule a time to meet, and we can make some magic happen!

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