A Sunlit Afternoon at the Double Tree

With my 2020 Wedding Season already filling up, and as part of my new challenge to myself to blog more, I decided to reflect on a lovely day last summer when I got to shake my Money Maker (this MoneyMaker, although I do have some wicked dance moves) and assist the incredible Daniel Nydick of Daniel Nydick Photography. I consider myself incredibly lucky and blessed to call an artist such as Dan not only one of my dearest mentors, but also one of my favorite friends. On this particularly beautiful Saturday afternoon, I was acting as Dan’s assistant (read: relative wrangler, snack savant, lighting lackey, positivity powerhouse) and things were running as smooth as my new favorite whisky (and this sucker is smooth, let me tell you! Soft caramel and vanilla flavors, aged in used-bourbon casks, it was a must have on my Christmas Stocking Stuffer List…but Santa didn’t come through).

After a beautiful First Look in a naturally shaded grove of trees, and tender family formals, Dan was kind enough to let me snap some highlights of the beautiful ceremony.


The reception was gorgeous, and Dan got some incredible ring shots (lit by yours truly) that you can check out over on his IG Feed! Overall the night was a ton of fun, and I was glad to be along for another great ride with Dan. Feeling confident in my Bounce Flash abilities definitely gave me a lot of peace of mind in s venue like this.



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