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Summer’s Last Light at Island Beach

Today it was a bit gloomy and overcast, but right as the sun went down, there was some beautiful color that came through the front window of my apartment as I cooked some pasta for dinner. It reminded me of one of the last days of this past summer, when I met up with one of my longtime friends, Sofia, to finally shoot! We had so much fun creating some beautiful portraits at Island Beach State Park, that we TOTALLY lost track of time. Before we knew it, Golden Hour was upon us, bringing with it the beautiful warm tones I LOVE playing with.

Sofia, like myself, usually spends her time behind the camera, so it was fun having her in front of the lens for a change!

“Ordinarily I HATE photos of myself, but these are exactly what I wanted!” she said to me as we scrolled through photos from our time together at a local Bubbakoos.

 As I desperately cling to reminiscing about those last few beautiful days of Locals Summer here in Monmouth Beach, always remind me that no matter what one is going through, it is usually almost ALWAYS better at the beach!


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